About us

More than 25 years of experience classified our company (OTNS, Inc.) to the biggest companies in the field of construction of telecommunication services in the Slovak market. The big advantage of our company (OTNS, Inc.) is the quick reaction time and our flexibility adaptation to the requirements of our clients. With our team of trained workers can construct the most diverse telecommunication structures. Thanks to the great asset of the company's own resources and instrumentation, we are able to provide comprehensive solutions according to the client requirements

The company is profiled to provide services:

  • constuction of line structures, complete construction of optical fiber and copper networks 

  • finishing works in outdoor and indoor 

  • provide comprehensive services to ensure all activities related to the construction of mobile telecommunication network 

  • implementation of camera systems, security technologies

  • expert advice according to the individual wishes of the client

  • technical support and service activities